I finally got a few minutes to tend to my tomatoes, not just pick them. My tomatoes have been really prolific this year–makes me sooo happy!

I grew them from seeds. I had so such good luck with my tomatoes last year that I decided to get really brave and try to grow them from seeds. Last year I picked up an heirloom tomato from the Waccamaw Farmers Market and saved the seeds. And Daniel made me a grow stand for about a third of the cost of the ones I found in garden catalogs

IMG_0854     So, I have tomatoes growing in raised bed and in the ground. I learned, last year, to take off some of the non-bearing limbs and this year I learned about using those limbs as mulch for growing plants. My mother would have never done that, and true it may not look pretty but it makes sense. I love reading what other gardeners are doing and learning new ways to work with the earth naturally.

I think it is so important for us to get back to a more natural way of eating and living. We have gotten so far from where God placed in His order for nature. And I used to be one of the worse! Ask my son, he will tell you that for years I never cooked anything that didn’t come in a box or a bag. I’m proof we can change!

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