Getting started

I can hardly wait to get going with this year’s garden🌱 I spent the morning mulching the raised bed with compost and bagged manure.  Time to start a new batch of compost.  I moved the last of the old spent bales to the “wild area” to get ready to set up new bales😀. Put some manure in tomato box.

Two of my indoor bean plants are just about ready to move to raised bed🍃 Saw a bee and a butterfly today👍😘. Hard to believe that it was so cold just a week ago.  I lost the mustard greens before I thought to put a lamp out there. Now I have a “brooder lamp” for heat but I’d love not to need it.

My baby onions, cabbage and tomatoes will be repotted next weekend and I’ll put them under the grow lights on the porch at least til end of February.

Just thinking and planning what to grow .  I plan to put out some flowers ands few hanging baskets of flowers in addition to periennials I planted in the fall.  Guess I’m finally convinced that it is important for the plants,bees and butterflies.😇

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