How does your garden grow

I guess I am little contrary😜. But I don’t grow silver bells and cockle shells–not even sure what they are!  

I do have baby broccoli, tomatoes–even some heirloom babies!, zucchini and squash 🍅🌱👍. My potatoes are blooming, never have had that before. I had to look that up on Internet.  Found out that it’s natural and ok but if it develops a fruit you can’t eat it.  In fact they said you should pick and throw away so children don’t try to eat them😩. I have a really big cabbage. I found a dead baby bird in the biggest leaf, it retains water so it makes a pool. Don’t know if baby drowned or just fell in there, but I sure didn’t like it😩   I did learn that you can try to get a second head of cabbage if you cut the head and leave the base leaves, so I think I’ll try it.  

Love my garden💕🍆👍🌱. Raining today, so much better than watering .

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