Finally cooler

Today was finally cool enough to spend some time in the garden. I spent a few hours pulling weeds getting ready to put in some fall vegetables. I have one raised bed ready to mulch and plant, only has 2 peppers and 1 eggplant still alive.

It was great!! Oh, how I missed time in the dirt. It always amazes me how I enjoy my garden. I can forget everything else and focus on the plants in front of me and the beautiful dirt.

My cardinal friend was chirping at me all morning. I think he was concerned that I would mess up the remaining tomato plants–he flies around in them all the time. About a week ago I was able to spend a little time trimming up dead branches and trying prop up and save the last of the still growing tomato plants. I have flowers on some of them so I am hoping for a few more small tomatoes.

Now I am hoping for more mornings like this one. I need to go over the remaining straw bales. I don’t think I will be able to plant anything in them because they have collapsed so much–have to decide whether to take them up and use for mulch or leave them for spring bed under new bales.

My blueberry bed is running over with weeds–that will probably take 2 mornings to get straightened out.

I just ordered some fall vegetable plants–so excited. They will be here early in September so I want to have beds ready!!!!

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