I have been looking for the time to write for while now. This year has been so busy. Got the garden planted a little later than last year due to unusual cold spells, then it got hot and humid soooo fast. 

I did a terrible job of keeping up with pruning due to the heat. Thankfully my garden forgave me.

Then there was the unforeseen necessity of having my granddaughters here all the time.

But I have blessed with more beans than any other year. They apparently like my first raised bed better than any other spot I have tried. I finally found a place that cucumbers like, which is not the first raised bed😜 so I have refrigerator dill and bread and butter pickles. Squash did much better this year. I have a lot of tomatoes but will not be able to freeze as many bags this year. But tomatoes are still coming in.

Have had the gardener’s treat of sharing with other people especially neighbors.

Need to plan fall crop!!!

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