This year

Well, this was a hard year in the garden. Mostly due to extreme heat without rain, had to start watering daily. Then monsoon season❤️🍅

But I just counted freezer stuff. 20 gallon bags of tomatoes, 10 quart bags of green beans, 5 quart bags of squash, 3 quart bags of shredded zucchini,  3 jars of pesto

I should make another pesto, I have plenty of basil

Plus all the tomatoes, green beans and squash we ate and gave to neighbors turns out it was a better year than I thought🌿❤️🍅🍆

Still have okra coming in daily.  And I finally found the right spot for eggplant and peppers. I’ve never had eggplant come in like this🍆 before. 

Still waiting for cooler weather to get garden ready for winter. I had thought about a fall garden but it looks like the heat will be unbearable til September.  

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