Gardening thoughts

Every morning, since I got my straw bales last week, as I work the conditioning process, my head is full of thoughts that I am now going to try to put down on paper, or screen.  I don’t post a lot about my garden on the straw bale group Facebook, I did in years past but after awhile I realized that gardening brought me so much pleasure and I just didn’t want the “constructive criticism”–not that the people were trying to be mean, but everyone wants to voice their opinion. 

Well, it is my garden and I just want to enjoy.  There are all kinds of purists. And, frankly I don’t care!  I have used a lot of different bales–fancy, and costly, landscape bales that had to leave the plastic around the sides to keep together (landscape-meant to be taken apart), “compressed” bales that just about strangled the roots, locally farmed but badly baled that had to have fences to stay together and now good “trash” wheat straw bales from feed store.

I have planted on the “top” side and the “bottom” as well as the side of bales–it all works as long as you work the program outlined in the book. 

I’ve planted many different veggies–some do better than others, some locations are better for some plants. I have just about given up on cucumbers–which everyone can grow, right? Wrong! But I tried a different location and I had to learn to make pickles!

I like to plant seedlings. But I have planted seeds too. Again, some do better than others, some years better than others. I have tried carrots every year using every method I’ve read about, still no luck. But I will keep on trying.

The more I garden, the more I am amazed by my God. The wonder of nature, the majesty of creation. The joy of being in nature.

I have discovered a few things that help. My mucking boots, no I don’t have animals, but I have unconquerable weeds, no weed barriers have helped, only being able to weed-eat or mow them down, discovered that weed barriers create a weed-eater nightmare, so I no longer put anything down. I wear my mucking boots and let husband weed-eat to the ground.

And my “snake stick”, once it warms up a little I have a long stick that I beat the ground in front of me with–scares the snakes, so far all I’ve ever had are garter snakes–and keeps me from jumping out of my skin when they move.

When I was younger I never would have gardened, now I think everyone should. 

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