Let the planting begin

So, yesterday I finally began to get started in the garden. Conditioning of straw bales was complete. I had been, broccoli and cabbage seedlings weathered and waiting. I got the black kow manure and soil into the raised beds, hoed a little to mix in–then I planted my pole bean seedlings and seeds, set up trellises and now ready to go.  I put them in second bed to rotate from last year. Then I put okra and squash seeds in other big bed. I’m not sure about squash seeds, they were from last year’s crop–looked a little dehydrated, so if they don’t sprout I’ll put in new plants or seeds from store.  I put the cabbage and broccoli in side bed, already have broccoli, lettuce and strawberries started there. I just got started planting seeds in bales and I had to stop to help DB pull bushes cut from pond front to road. Hopefully I’ll get finished tomorrow.  Did repot some tomato seedlings and put a few out to start weathering. Pictures will follow when finished.  

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