Not sure what to call this

I started this entry on Saturday, but just as I was writing down a title I was surprised by my adorable granddaughters–so there went the writing😍! And, well, yesterday was Sunday, I had my 5k road race walk then off to church. So I am back this morning. 

I am having a different time this year with my garden.  It is easy to talk about when things go great but between the lack of time because of the remodeling, the weather and just “stuff” in general, so far this year has been different. When I finally got my straw bales conditioned I couldn’t wait to plant. So I guess I made a rookie mistake, except I’m not a rookie (4 years ) and nothing like this has happened before.  I planted a bunch of seeds and about 16 tomato seedlings in bales on the same day I planted pole bean, okra, zucchini and squash seeds in my raised beds.  The raised beds sprouted and continue to do great but nothing in bales and all the tomato seedlings died. Looking back, I realized the bales must have been too hot. Like I said, I’ve never had this happen before but I have read some of the docs online.  Soooo I’ve reseeded where I still had seeds, still replanting and replacing tomato seedlings and I’ve bought a few plants too. Of I forgot that I also planted 5 tomato seedlings in my little raised bed–they are doing fine so I know the seedlings were old enough to plant.

Gardening is a little like life. You learn as you go, hope and pray for the best. Keep going and restart when you need to.

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