Today, as I was pulling up dead plants (I let my garden sit over winter, in cause there is anything useful to birds, etc) I was wondering what made me think I could do anything like repaint furniture. Or do anything creative for that matter. Because I never was a “creative” person just lacking time to create. In fact, I never even got creative with cooking, my son with tell you that if it didn’t come from a box or a bag I didn’t cook it.

I realized today, pulling up weeds and roots, that it was my garden that opened up my creativity. Participating with God in making vegetables. It has allowed me to open up something inside me that I didn’t even know existed. At 60 years old I began to see new possibilities in me and the world around me.

I’ve tried making things, repainting furniture, repurposing things, home decorating–who knows what is next.

But my garden is my center. I am in love with planting seeds and being part of them growing into food for my family.

Now I try all kinds of recipes, make up my own.

Creativity– who knew?

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